Hi there, I'm Sven

I'm a JavaScript consultant specializing in software and application architecture. After working as a system administrator, a Front-end Developer and finally a Senior JavaScript Developer for more than 15 years in total, I'm now doing what I enjoy most:

Setting up and building well-working, scalable and perfectly-usable software. I'm passionate about Open Source and contributions have been an important part of my work in the past years.

I have been working on many projects, including Bower, CouchDB, Nano, Formidable, Nock, and Hoodie. These contributions enable me to always figure out the best solutions when building software.

What I can do for you

My main provinces are setting up application architecture, server-side JavaScript implementations with Node.js and building single page applications with AmpersandJS, BackboneJS, React and PouchDB. If you need any help with your project, I'm glad to work with you.

Details and References

If you're interested in details regarding my Open Source contributions and former employments, please see my GitHub profile and find my detailed CV here.


I am currently based in Berlin, Germany and London, UK and I'm also happy to work remotely. If you want to talk about your projects and see what I can do for you, please get in touch via Twitter or me at svenlito dot com.